Thursday, 31 March 2011

Membership Memories

Well, we wrote the book seven years ago, and suddenly it looks like it may have come of age! The Complete Membership Handbook: A Guide to Managing Friends, Members and Supporters Schemes was first published by The Directory of Social Change in Spring 2004 [ISBN 1-903991-50-1]. It remains in print and whilst we're never likely to be able to retire from the proceeds (or even buy a replacement ink toner cartridge for the trouble of writing the book!), sales do seem to have risen over the past year, speaking engagements and consultancy projects are coming back to the fore. Is it, we wonder, related to the latest UK government's decision to urge arts and third sector organisations back into the arms of philanthropists? If so, perhaps membership schemes are once again able to offer an entry-level 'way in' to propect for and develop the potential of supporters, volunteers and donors of tomorrow. Either way, we hope you will find this blog of interest in the coming months as we remind ourselves and others of the benefits of setting up and managing friends and membership schemes within the arts and beyond. Meanwhile, why not click the link to the book (above) and either buy a copy today, or alternatively, download a free sample chapter.

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